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Akita Investment Management


We are a multi-strategy investment manager that specialises in arbitrage trading. 


Akita leverages our combined years of expertise and risk management in equities, fixed income, and derivatives to apply strategies that we believe will have the highest return to risk ratios. 


Investment Strategies

Our funds seek to generate absolute consistent uncorrelated returns with minimal volatility by spreading across all asset classes. We achieve these steady returns through relative value arbitrage, volatility arbitrage and income accrual strategies.

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Relative Value

Are strategies that seek to exploit relative pricing discrepancies between financial instruments including derivatives that are driven by the same or highly correlating underlying pricing components.

Volatility Arbitrage

Seeks to exploit differences between the forecasted future volatility of an underlying asset and the implied volatility of derivatives (such as options or futures) or linked instruments (e.g. convertible bonds) based on that asset.

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Income Accrual

Strategies include fixed income strategies which will primarily focus on actively managing debt instruments and debt including investment grade, high yield, and those that are possibly stressed or distressed.

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